Your Friendly Neighbourhood Scrap Yard!The Amazing Millennium Recycling

Millennium Recycling is committed to servicing customers in a fast and courteous manner.


We buy all types of scrap material from old appliances to precious metals.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

For Ferrous Materials such as Steel and Shred. As a general rule of thumb, anything that sticks to a magnet is classified as Ferrous material.

  1. Pull onto the scale for your heavy weight.
  2. After your material is unloaded you go back on the scale your light weight.
  3. Collect your cash!


For Non Ferrous Materials (Copper, Aluminum, Brass) Once again as a general rule of thumb, Non Ferrous Metals are commonly identified as non magnetic.


Any non ferrous material will be weighed up in the warehouse. From there the weights are brought to the office where you collect your cash!